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All vaccines must be up to date to be boarded at our facilities unless otherwise stated by one of our doctors. This is not only for the safety of your pet but the other pets that we have boarding with us. We can up date these vaccines upon arrival for our boarding stay. If your pet has received vaccines at another clinic we will need proof of those vaccines. 

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the “potty” schedule at PAC? 

A: The dogs are let out twice a day. The dogs will be taken outside once in the morning and once in the evening. During their potty break, the Pet Care Specialists clean the individual kennels and feed each dog. Extra play yard time may be requested when you check your dog in, just let our receptionist know! 

Cats do not get taken outside, but the kennel technicians clean their individual kennels and feed them twice daily. 

Q: Where do my dogs go out to use the bathroom during their stay at PAC? 

A: We have an outdoor enclosure that has an 8 foot chain linked fenced in yard. Your dog has plenty of room to play and exercise. There are water bowls provided at all times. Your pets are allowed as much time outside as the weather permits. Usually they can play and exercise for 15-30 minutes per outing. Dogs boarding together can be also be exercised together. 

Q: What if my puppy has a potty accident in their boarding area? 

A: Your pet’s area will be cleaned and disinfected twice a day. Our Pet Care Specialists are proud to show our clients how clean our boarding facility stays. If your pet has an accident, he or she will be taken outside or moved to another location while their area is being cleaned. Dogs who board more than one night will receive a complimentary bath on the day they are scheduled to be picked up. 

Q: Can I bring my pet’s personal belongings to stay with them while they board? 

A: Yes, you can bring your pet’s bed, blanket, toys or food to leave with them while they stay with us. We only ask that you put your pet’s name on his or her belongings so that if the items are washed they can be returned to the right pet. Food will be placed in a bin with your pet’s name on it. If you do not wish to bring anything with your pet, that is also perfectly fine. PAC is stocked with blankets, toys, bowls, and food that will be available for your pet upon request. [Please note that PAC is not responsible for any lost items.] 

Q: Will my dog be let out with other dogs?

A: No, but if you have multiple dogs staying with us they can be exercised together. We do not allow dogs from other families to go out together unless requested by both families. 

Q: My pet has special needs. Will he or she still be able to board? 

A: Of course! Purvis Animal Clinic is an AAHA certified pet hospital. There are veterinarians, technicians and/or vet assistants available to give your pet the medical attention they deserve. If your pet needs special attention or has medication that needs to be given daily, PAC is the perfect place to board your pet. Our Pet Care Specialists are also trained to keep a close eye on all pets that board with us. They make daily notes of your pet(s) appetite, water intake, urination and bowel movements. If you have any questions, a technician will be glad to speak with you about medications or special needs. 

Q: What are the different boarding areas available? 

A: We have smaller kennels, larger runs, and cat kennels available.  

Q: I have multiple pets. Will they be able to stay together? 

A: Sure, as long as they get along well. Cats may board together in their kennels and dogs may board together in their areas; but cats and dogs may not board together at all. 
(Note: If pets do not get along during meal times, they will be separated for a brief period of time until they have both finished eating.) 

Q: My pet has never been boarded before, will they be OK? 

A: There is a first time for everything, and most first time boarders do fine once they get used to the new place. PAC offers detailed tours of our boarding facilities for you and your pet so you know exactly where he or she will be staying. You may even meet a few of the people who will be taking care of your pet while you are away. We are committed to caring for each and every pet as if they were our own. Sometimes a little extra TLC is just the thing needed for nervous first-timers. 

Q: If I chose not to bring my pet’s food, what will PAC feed them? 

A: PAC uses Science Diet dog and cat food products for all our boarders. 

Q: Do I need to make a reservation? 

A: Boarding reservations are appreciated but not required. If you need to board your pet but have not made a reservation, you may call first or come by and see what we have available. 
(Note: Holidays tend to be our most popular boarding time, reservations are usually in advance.)